Emeritus Members

Emeritus AIA members are individuals who have retired from practice or are over a certain age, after a specified number of years as an AIA member. Emeritus status allows retired and older members to maintain their membership without paying dues.

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Member's Name Name of Firm Telephone
Bacon, Robert E. Robert E. Bacon (213)810-8352
Bensen, Donald H. (805)684-5275
Chen, Yvonne Y. Yvonne Chen Architect (805)966-3809
Edwards, Peter (805)966-1200
Eichstaedt, Albert F. Eichstaedt Architects Planners (805)898-1415
Garcia, Gilbert Garcia Architects, Inc. (805)689-2588
Goldstien, David R. David Goldstien/Architect, Inc. (805)688-1530
Grossgold, Richard (805)966-9394
Hall, Hugh B. (805)937-9499
Johnson, Richard E. Mission Group Architects (805)969-5910
Jones, David P. (805)687-8200
Jones, F. Evans Jones & Jones (805)688-4974
Kelley, John D. John D. Kelley, AIA, Architect (805)963-1013
Lassen, Eric S. (805)962-0529
Leggett, Veryl David V. David Leggett Architect (805)569-0414
Lenvik, Edwin Edwin A. Lenvik Architect (805)962-3508
Mahan, William T. Mahan Architects (805)963-4322
Minor, Kenneth O. Lenvik & Minor Architects (805)969-5294
Moticha, Joseph H. Joseph H. Moticha Architect (805)687-8550
Pedersen, Leo R. Pedersen Architects (805)464-0548
Phillips, Roger A. (805)969-6202
Phillips, Nicholas A. (941)685-8400
Smith, David S.
Soderburg, Paul L. (805)963-3236
Watson, Ernest A. Ernest A. Watson & Associates (805)963-2515
Wittausch, Wm Howard Howard Wittausch, Architect (805)898-8766
Ziemer, Donald Kruger Bensen Ziemer Architects, Inc. (805)690-3352