Member Benefits

Not Your Traditional Partner

Not the Traditional AIA

We simplify your life.

Times are changing in our community and the profession; we influence things for the better.

We Work on Local Solutions.

Community housing, zoning laws and land-use decisions hit you at home. AIASB fights for improvements and change.

We're Proactive.

Through design charrettes and competitions, our members design more livable and affordable communities.

We're There When You Can't Be.

Backed with the combined voice of our members, we advocate the issues you need help with.

We bring people together.

When architects come together as one, there are no limits to what they can accomplish.

We Help Promote You.

Awards programs offer unparalled marketing opportunities for you and your clients.

Join Us... It's an investment in your practice, profession, and future.
(Excerpts from "The AIA in California: Your Partner in Practice")

Tangible Benefits of AIA Membership


Intangible Benefits


As a member, you will have the opportunity to help shape the future of your profession and our community through chapter committees as well as a thriving advocacy program. In addition, membership offers ample opportunity for professional development and networking to advance your career.